The Healthy Memphis Initiative would be nothing without the many amazing people who do the research, planning, organizing, educating, and many other outreach activities.  

The people on the HMI Committee include (in alphabetical order by last name):

Rosie Phillips Bingham (UM) -- Student Affairs, Vice President
Richard Bloomer (UM) -- School of Health Studies
Andreana Brown (CHC) -- Memphis Plan
Daniel Bureau (UM) -- Student Affairs Learning and Assessment, Director
Amy Campbell (UM) -- Law School
Katora Campbell (CHC) -- Faith Community Outreach, Director
Joy Clay (UM) -- Public and Nonprofit Administration; Center for Research on Women, Director
Jane Clement (UM) -- Student Health and Counseling Services, Director
Beverly Cross (UM) -- Instruction and Curriculum Leadership, Urban Education
Maria Elena Delavega (UM) -- Social Work
Jasbir Dhaliwal (UM) -- Graduate School, Dean; Vice Provost for Academic Affairs; Business Information Technology
Michael Duke (UM) -- Anthropology
Susan Elswick (UM) -- Social Work, Director of MSW Field Placement
Sylverna Ford (UM) -- University Libraries, Dean
Denise Hensley (CHC) -- Behavioral Health
Sharon Hinton (CHC) -- International Parish Nursing Resource Center
Randy Kostiuk (CHC) -- Wellness Education
Katherine Lambert-Pennington (UM)
Ann Langston (CHC) -- Strategic Partnerships, Senior Director
Sherrie Lemons (CHC) -- Knowledge Ministry
Marian Levy (UM) -- Public Health -- HMI Co-Chair
Daphene McFerren (UM) -- Hooks Institute, Director
Lois McFarland (CHC) -- Human Resources, Director
Sterling McNeal (CHC) -- Faith Community Outreach
Vivian Morris (UM) -- Education
Richard Murphey (CHC) -- Wellness Exercise and Movement
Susan Neely-Barnes (UM) -- Social Work
Butch Odom (CHC) -- Behavioral Health, Director
Esra Ozdenerol (UM) -- Earth Sciences (GIS)
Jean Rakow (UM)
Perveen Rustomfram (UM) -- Libraries
Lisa Sikkink (UM) -- Provost's Office
Catherine Simmons (UM) -- Social Work
Stacy Smith (CHC) -- Knowledge Ministry, Director
Steven Soifer (UM) -- Social Work, Chair
Alan Swistak (CHC) -- Knowledge Ministry -- HMI Co-Chair
K. B. Turner (UM) -- Criminology and Criminal Justices, Chair
Karen Weddle-West (UM) -- Provost
Jeneba Winfrey-Porter (CHC) -- Clinic
Lin Zhan (UM) -- Nursing, Dean