I-20 Process

For any individual intending to enter the U.S. as an F-1 visa holding student, please note the following checklist. If you are already inside the U.S. with an F-1 visa and form I-20 for a different school, please let me know because the checklist is different for students who are already here.

1. Complete all academic requirements for admission to a degree program. This step is handled exclusively inside the Admissions Office for undergraduates, or in the Graduate Admissions section of the Graduate School for students pursuing Masters or PhD programs. www.memphis.edu Choose the "Apply Now" link to get started.

2. Provide our office with an affidavit of support with banker's signature, or bank letter detailing funding, graduate assistantship information (if any), government sponsorship letter, or any combination thereof. Note that government sponsorship letters must specifically mention The University of Memphis as the designated school for the student, and government sponsorship letters must cover one full year (12 months) of student costs if they will be used as the sole source of funding.
Locate the affidavit of support here: http://www.memphis.edu/ugcatalog/images/affidavit.pdf

3. Provide our office with a scan of your passport's data page, showing your name, birthdate, and passport expiry. Note that F-1 visa holders are required to maintain a passport that is at least 6 months from expiration while inside the U.S.

4. If you already have the F-1 visa, please send a scan of that visa page to our office. Also let us know if you have any pending Permanent Residence application, or other visa issues.

5. Our office is required to collect an address that is outside of the U.S. and that is an actual physical location. Even if we send the I-20 to a postal box at a later time, we must report an address that is not a p.o. box, but is instead the location of your residence.

6. If any spouse or underage child will come with you as F-2 dependents, please let us know their passport and financial details so that we can prepare additional I-20s for them.

Once items 1-6 are completed, our office can normally make the new I-20 within a very short amount of time. We then normally ask the new student to confirm all data one last time, to be certain of details such as spelling of the name and accuracy of the birthdate. We also ask students about their choice for shipping the I-20, because our office normally ships via regular overseas mail, but we can release the I-20 to friends or family members if the student authorizes it.