Vice President for Student Affairs

Position Details

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Search Committee Members:

  • Dr. Sally Parish
    • Committee Chair | Associate Vice President, Educational Initiatives

  • Dr. Eric Bailey
    • Assistant Vice President, Student Academic Success

  • Marlon Dechausay
    • Senior Associate Athletic Director, Student-Athlete Welfare

  • Ansley Ecker
    • Student and President, Student Government Association

  • Dr. Stephanie Huette
    • Associate Professor, Psychology | Faculty Senate Representative

  • Rebecca Laumann
    • Executive Director, Center for International Education Services

  • Dr. Ladrica Menson-Furr
    • Assistant Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

  • Jazmine Phillips
    • Director, Marketing and Communication

  • Isaiah Surbrook
    • Assistant Dean, Engineering Student Services & Diversity

  • Steve Whistler
    • Executive Director, Campus Recreation, College of Health Sciences