What can I do with this Major?

Majoring in African and African American Studies challenges students with a high level of critical thinking encouraging the growth of knowledge beyond the bounds of the traditional college program. Learning about and tackling important societal issues such as poverty and healthcare provides an understanding that will allow a graduate to stand out to potential employers.


 Average Salary
Area and Cultural Studies Professor $75,130.00
Elementary School Teacher $65,150.00
High School Teacher $55,150.00
History Professor $69,280.00
Missionary Worker $46,960.00
Librarian $55,670.00
Middle School Teacher $53,550.00
Student Admissions Administrator $95,340.00
Student Affairs Administrator $95,340.00


Social Welfare Administrator $61,240.00
Social Worker $40,770.00
Lobbyist $59,370.00
Family Caseworker $48,340.00
Congressional Aide $56,000.00


Public Health Service Officer $167,280.00
Health Case Manager $41,350.00
Occupational Therapist $70,680.00
Social Psychologist $84,220.00


Museum Curator $52,330.00
Public Relations Manager $101,850.00
Public Relations Specialist $59,370.00
Sociologist $76,190.00
Writer/Author $64,560.00
Anthropologist $57,230.00
Community Organization Worker $29,880.00
Conciliator $63,250.00
Copy Writer $64,560.00
Historian $56,350.00
Historical Archivist $49,600.00
Labor Relations Advisor $59,070.00
Clergy Member $46,960.00

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