Important Findings from the Pilot and Follow Up Studies

Pilot Study

1. Students who attended at least 8 sessions showed significant increases in their GPA. 
2. Target students earned more credit hours than a control group of students not participating in academic coaching. 

Follow Up Study

A. Freshman on Academic Warning
These students were required by policy to meet with an academic coach on a bi-weekly basis.  For those students who fulfilled the requirement of meeting with an academic coaching every other week, they averaged a 2.50 GPA. If a student met with a coach less than what was required (0-6 times throughout the semester), their GPA average was a 1.29 GPA. Therefore, those who met with their academic coach bi-weekly scored 1.21 higher on their GPA than those who did not: 

Fall 2014 Freshmen on Academic Warning

                                                        Prior Semester GPA           Fall 2014 GPA

Met bi-weekly                                                   0.67                                2.50
Failed to meet bi-weekly                            0.79                                1.29

If you were to compare the freshmen AW students from Fall 2014 who received academic coaching to Freshmen AW students from Fall 2013 that did NOT receive academic coaching, you’ll find that the Fall 2014 group averaged a full point better than the previous year:  

                                                        Prior Semester GPA    1st Semester GPA   Retention Rate

Fall 13 Academic Warning                      0.81                          1.43                             61%
Fall 14 Academic Warning                      0.67                          2.50                             83%

Academic coaching has a large impact on student success. Not only do student who attend regular academic coaching sessions achieve significantly higher GPA's, but they also stay in school at higher rates.

                                                                               Fall 14 Academic Warning 
                                                                               Student's Retention Rates    

Six or More Coaching Interventions                        83%
Less than Six Interventions                                           55%

B. ACE Scholars
ACE Scholars represented first-time freshmen who were on the lower end of the admissions index. These students were offered the opportunity to meet with a coach on a weekly basis. The assessment on this program found that if the students met with an academic coach at a minimum of 5 times, then their average GPA was a 2.52. If a student met with a coach fewer than five times, then their GPA was a 1.86. 

ACE Scholars                                  Average ACT     Average HSGPA     Fall 2014 GPA

5 or more meetings                                 18.80                        2.81                         2.52
Less than 5 meetings                              19.60                       2.71                          1.86