Undergraduate Courses

FAB 200

In addition to the courses below, the department may offer the following Special Topics courses:
ACCT 4920-29. Special Topics in Accounting. (3). Varied topics. May be repeated once with change in topic. PREREQUISITE: permission of director.

ACCT 2010 - Fundamentals of Acct I (3)
(TBR: ACCT 1010). Introduction to measurement, realization, classification and disclosure concepts about businesses' financial statement; emphasis on how managers, creditors, and investors can analyze financial accounting information to make investment, financing, and operating decisions.

ACCT 2020 - Fundamentals of Acct II (3)
(TBR: ACCT 1020). Introduction to measurement and disclosure concepts about cost and profit of products, services, and organizational units; emphasis on how managers can use internal and external information to make resource allocation decisions, to plan and to control investment and make operating decisions. PREREQUISITE: ACCT 2010, MATH 1710 or 1830.

ACCT 3011 - Business Law (3)
Elements of law and legal principles encountered in business; emphasis on basic law of contracts, sales and secured transactions, negotiable instruments, real and personal property, agency, forms of business organization, suretyship, insurance contracts and torts.

ACCT 3110 - Intermediate Accounting I (3)
Review of accounting process and financial statements; time value of money; cash and receivables. PREREQUISITE: ACCT 2020.

ACCT 3120 - Intermediate Accounting II (3)
Inventories; long-term tangible and intangible assets; investments; current and long-term liabilities. PREREQUISITE: ACCT 3110.

ACCT 3130 - Legal/Social/Political Environ (3)
Emphasis on legal, social, and political environment in which business and its executives exist; legal, social, and political forces that affect business operations; lectures and case discussions.

ACCT 3310 - Cost Accounting (3)
Cost systems, including job order, process, and standard, as management information systems for planning and control. Allocation of indirect costs, preparation of variable budgets, and determination of standard cost variances and their meaning. PREREQUISITE: ACCT 2020.

ACCT 3510 - Federal Income Tax I (3)
Introduction to the federal income taxation of individuals. PREREQUISITE: ACCT 2020.

ACCT 4020 - Accounting Systems (3)
Accounting systems analysis and design emphasizing the accounting cycles approach; theory of systems control in an organizational setting; holistic approach of synthesizing the accounting, financing, operating, and production functions where applicable. PREREQUISITE: ACCT 3120 and ACCT 3310.

ACCT 4130 - Intermediate Accounting III (3)
Accounting for income taxes, leases, pensions, shareholders' equity, share-based compensation, earnings per share, statement of cash flows. PREREQUISITE: ACCT 3120.

ACCT 4211 - Adv Financial Reporting (3)
Business combinations; accounting methods for consolidated financial statements; foreign transactions and accounting for foreign subsidiaries; partnership accounting; state and local government accounting. PREREQUISITE: ACCT 3120.

ACCT 4240 - Audit/Assurance Services (3)
Ethics in accounting practices, internal control, auditing standards and procedures, programs of audit of various accounts, reports to clients. PREREQUISITE: ACCT 4020, 4130.

ACCT 4241 - Advanced Auditing (3)
Auditing of computer-based accounting systems; emphasis on audit software and computer auditing techniques used to evaluate accounting systems controls and test accounting data integrity; nature and use of expert systems in accounting with emphasis on their use as an audit tool. PREREQUISITE: ACCT 4240.

ACCT 4250 - Accounting Ethics/Regulation (3)
Foundations of ethics including integrity, objectivity, independence, ethical reasoning, ethical decision-making and ethical dilemmas from the point of view of a professional accountant; legal topics, codes of professional conduct relating to accounting profession and accountancy regulatory bodies; related state and national regulatory requirements. Ethical case studies on topics of professional accounting responsibility. COREQUISITE: ACCT 4240.

ACCT 4300 - Fin Stmnt Analysis/Hospitality (3)
Comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of analysis of financial statements in assessing an organization's risk in decision making. PREREQUISITE: ACCT 2020.

ACCT 4520 - Taxation/Bus Entities (3)
Introduction to the federal income taxation of corporations, partnerships, estates and trusts. PREREQUISITE: ACCT 3510.

ACCT 4540 - Govt/Health/Non-Profit (3)
Basic accounting and reporting procedures for governmental units, universities and other not-for-profit entities. PREREQUISITE: ACCT 3110 or permission of instructor.

ACCT 4625 - Internl Acct/IFRS/US GAAP (3)
Major similarities and differences between US GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS); international issues related to taxation and financial statement analysis. PREREQUISITE or COREQUISITE: ACCT 3120.

ACCT 4910 - Problems in Accounting (1-3)
Students will conduct approved projects in major area under supervision of faculty. PREREQUISITE: permission of director.

ACCT 4911 - Internship in Accounting (1-6)
Internship in business organization to gain on-the-job experience. Project to be approved, supervised by departmental faculty member. Credit allowed only after acceptance of report, varies with complexity of duties. PREREQUISITE: 2.75 overall GPA and completed 15 hours in the Upper Division core.

ACCT 4996 - Senior Honors Thesis (3)
Independent research open only to those students enrolled in the honors program. Thesis supervised by faculty member; approved by the Director of the School. PREREQUISITE: senior standing and permission of the director of the college honors program.