Announcing the UMdegree Certification Program

Basic - Introduction to the useful features of UMdegree.

Think you already know enough about UMdegree move to the intermediate level? Earn your Basic Certificate by exam in the Advisor Development and Training Course in eCourseware. Login to access the course, and find the exam under quizzes.

Intermediate - Continuation of Basic (must have Basic Certificate to take this course) Get more out of UMdegree by learning additional features and a fuller understanding of how Plans work.

Do you already have Intermediate knowledge of UMdegree? Once you have successfully complete the Basic Certificate, you may use the Intermediate Certificate Exam in eCourseware to demonstrate proficiency at the intermediate level.

Advanced - Continuation of Intermediate (must have Intermediate Certificate to take this course)  Become an expert at the information contained in UMdegree, and the reporting possibilities of the tool. Are you already the expert? Exam coming soon!

Graduation Analysts Only - This meeting is designed to provide periodic updates to graduation analysts. Intended only for graduation analysts.  This is not a training.