Calm, cool and collected parents.

Easier said than done

Of course you worry. Watching them leave for college can stress you out more then them, but it will all work out. While you shouldn't expect the same level of involvement that you may have had when your student attended high school, there is certainly room for parents in higher education. You can stay connected with your student by asking questions about classes, activities on campus, and decisions about a major. Sometimes it's best to just ask them how things are going and let them fill in the blanks. Encourage your son or daughter to keep college life in balance, with a good mix of time devoted to study, as well as social activities. Tell them to volunteer, to eat right, to sleep. But most important of all, to take advantage of this amazing opportunity and get as involved on campus as possible. These are some of the best years of their lives. So a little carpe diem is in order. Just a little. 

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