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Participate in Research

Do you have Multiple Sclerosis? If so, we are currently recruiting participants with Multiple Sclerosis to take part in our research.

Research Participants Needed for Speech Study

 The Adult Neurogenic Communication Disorders Laboratory in the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Memphis is seeking participants with Multiple Sclerosis to help us learn how different neurological conditions impact speech. This research will help optimize clinical therapies for improving speech.

 What will you do in the study?

  1.  Participants will wear a head-mounted microphone and have their speech recorded to a computer.
  2.  Speech tasks may include describing a picture or how to perform a task, reading a short paragraph, saying short sentences, talking about a topic of interest to the participant and a topic selected by the investigator.
  3.  Cognitive tasks may include memory (e.g., recalling words and symbols) and thinking (e.g., sorting cards and describing how the cards are sorted).
  4.  Other tasks may include performing two tasks simultaneously (e.g., speech tasks while executing a motor or thinking task).
  5.  Total time commitment of approximately 2 hours), scheduled at your convenience.

Why might you consider participating?

  1. Hearing screening
  2. Honorarium of $70.00
  3. Complimentary parking at Memphis Speech and Hearing Center
  4. Knowledge that you are helping in the development of speech therapies

 Some of the study qualifications include:

  1. Native speaker of American English
  2. Vision or corrected vision adequate for reading
  3. Pass hearing screening (minimal hearing loss; no hearing aids)

For more information please call Lynda at 901.678.3295 or email: uofmancdlab@gmail.com