Phonathon Online Giving Form

Hello from your Phonathon student callers and thank you for choosing to support the University of Memphis!

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The UofM online giving process is fast, easy and secure.


Simply complete the 3 steps and submit your gift. It's that easy. After submitting your gift, you will receive an email confirmation. Additionally, we will send you an acknowledgment letter in the mail for tax purposes. Thank you for your gift to the University of Memphis!


Other Ways to Give

To mail your gift, print our giving form online giving and mail with your check or credit card number to:

Department 238
The U of M Foundation
P.O. Box 1000
Memphis, TN 38148-0001

If you have any questions or would prefer to make your gift over the phone, please call 901.678.3953, or email: gifts@memphis.edu.

For more information on additional ways to donate to The University of Memphis, please visit Development.

Who are our Phonathon Student Callers?

Our Phonathon callers are current students at the University of Memphis and their goal is to effectively and efficiently raise funds, build partnerships with donors, and maintain records for the University of Memphis in order to maintain build and grow excellence.

Phonathon Mission Statement

We involve our alumni and other constituents in an on-going relationship with the UofM.

We inform our constituents of the University's accomplishments, challenges, and priorities.

We want to leave you feeling great about the University of Memphis!

Phonathon Core Values

We aspire to act at all times in the best interest of the University. We value the quality of our University, and its programs, services, and philanthropic spirit of our alumni and constituents.

We value employees who are competent, hard-working, informed, honest, and dedicated; people who display passion, sense of humor, integrity, creativity, responsiveness, and a strong commitment to teamwork. The UofM Office of Annual Giving provides the needed training and support to make the best possible work environment.