Art History

Art History - General Art History, M.A.


In the general art history concentration, students focus on developing a comprehensive understanding of art across different time periods, cultures, and artistic movements. The curriculum is designed to provide a broad and in-depth education in art history, covering various art forms, styles, and contexts. Throughout the program, students study the evolution of art from antiquity to contemporary times, exploring the contributions of different artists, art movements, and cultural influences.

Courses delve into the analysis of iconic artworks, architectural marvels, and significant historical artifacts, enabling students to develop critical thinking skills and visual analysis abilities. They learn to interpret and contextualize art within its historical, social, and political settings, appreciating how artistic expressions reflect broader cultural trends and human experiences.

The program fosters interdisciplinary approaches, encouraging students to draw connections between art history and other academic disciplines, such as anthropology, sociology, philosophy, or literature. By exploring these connections, students gain a deeper appreciation for the multifaceted aspects of art and its broader impact on society.

A research-based approach equips students with the skills to critically analyze primary and secondary sources, construct compelling arguments, and present their findings in a coherent and well-structured manner.

The program places a significant emphasis on visual literacy and communication, enabling students to articulate complex ideas and interpretations of artworks through various forms, such as written essays, presentations, and curatorial projects.

Students have the opportunity to engage in practical experiences, such as internships at museums, galleries, or cultural institutions, allowing them to apply their knowledge in real-world settings and gain valuable professional experience.

The program culminates in a thesis and successful oral defense or a comprehensive examination and successful oral defense.

Curriculum, Concentration and Application Requirements

Please review the official academic catalog for comprehensive information on requirements.

Graduate Assistantships

Competitive graduate assistantships offer a variety of opportunities to develop teaching and other professional experience through working with a member of the Department of Art and Design faculty or staff. Graduate assistantships provide valuable support for the department both inside and outside of the classroom.