The Department of Art and Design scholarship opportunities for students play a vital role in fostering creativity and nurturing talent. Art and design fields require a great deal of skill, creativity, and dedication, and pursuing higher education in these fields is both challenging and expensive. Our scholarships provide financial assistance and support to students who are passionate about art and design, but may not have the means to pursue their education without financial assistance, allowing students to focus on their studies, ultimately leading to greater success in their chosen field.

In addition to providing financial assistance, our scholarships also promote excellence in art and design. Many Department of Art and Design scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement, artistic ability, or other criteria that reflect a student’s dedication to their craft. By recognizing and rewarding excellence, scholarships motivate students to push themselves to reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

Our scholarship opportunities for art and design students are critical for ensuring that talented and motivated students have opportunities to pursue their dreams. Scholarships provide financial support and foster excellence in art and design.

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Scholarship Opportunities

  • The Ad Fed Communigraphics Scholarship
  • The Art Directors Club of Memphis Scholarship
  • The Bobick Family Art Education Scholarship
  • The Carol J. Purtle Art History Endowed Scholarship
  • The Craig R. Garrett Memorial Scholarship for Photography
  • The Dana D. Johnson Art Scholarship
  • The Donald and Mary Vaughn Art Scholarship
  • The Fordjour Family Arts Scholarship
  • The Frances Falls Austin Memorial Scholarship
  • The J.W. Brittan Egyptology Scholarship
  • The Mary Margaret Ross Art Alumni Scholarship
  • The Maude and Thomas Littlejohn Memorial Scholarship
  • The Memphis College of Art Legacy Completion Scholarship
  • The Memphis-Germantown Art League/Dr. Leona Boylan Award
  • The Patricia P. Bladon Scholarship in Art & Art History
  • The Ronald Saw Endowed Scholarship

The Department of Art and Design is committed to supporting students with talent and need based scholarships that show exceptional academic performance, outstanding promise or demonstrated hardships. Application deadline for department scholarship opportunities is February 1.

A portfolio review is required for some department scholarships. Please submit your portfolios to the Department of Art and Design office in ACB Room 200 ONLY on February 12, between 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM. The day to retrieve portfolios is February 28.

Scholarships for Incoming Freshman

Talent-Based Scholarships for incoming freshmen, in cooperation with Mid-South Scholastic Art Awards are competitive, four-year, in-state tuition and fees scholarships which are offered to those students with outstanding artistic and academic abilities who demonstrate the potential to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Eligibility is open to first-time, in-coming freshman only; no transfer or, re-admission students will be considered. Because these scholarships are for in-state tuition, out-of-state students will be responsible for the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition.

For information about incoming freshman talent-based scholarships, please contact the Department of Art and Desgn at 901.678.2216.