Box Gallery

The Box Gallery is a student run gallery for students in the Memphis area to exhibit their work. The gallery is located in the Art & Communication Building level 1, room 100.

Since its founding in 2012, the Box Gallery has established itself as a staple of student life at the University of Memphis - a place where students, artists, and curators can challenge their work in a public setting. Producing 4 exhibitions of student work each year, the Box Gallery strives to facilitate a creative, interdisciplinary exchange between students, professors, and art professionals from the University of Memphis community and beyond. By emphasizing transparency in all of its operational process, the Box Gallery strives to maintain its role as an advocate for student voices and an outlet for innovative, thought-provoking work, as well as expose students to behind the scenes practices of installing and promoting shows. The Box Gallery would like to welcome and encourage students, faculty, and visitors to view, show, and engage with this unique space.

The Box Gallery is open M-F, 10-4. Admission is free. Additional viewing hours can be made by appointment.