Snack & Beverage Vending

The University is under an exclusive contract with Pepsi America for beverage vending, snack and beverage vending machines are placed on campus to meet the demand of the University community. The type of machines and variety of products are customer driven. Prices are competitive with the local convenience market.

The vending contractors provide all vending machines on campus with some exceptions. The convenience store in the University of Memphis Bookstore is operated by the bookstore contractor. The vending machines in Clement and Mitchell Halls, and the convenience store and vending machines in Richardson Towers and the Holiday Inn on campus, are operated by Tennessee Business Enterprises, Blind Services.

How to report a problem

To report any vending machine problems, please call Auxiliary Services at 678.5234.

How to receive a refund

First, please report the mechanical failure to Auxiliary Services at 678.5234. To receive a refund for money lost due to mechanical failure, please go to the Bursar's Office cashier's window and bring your University ID with you. The Bursar's Office is located on the first floor of Wilder Tower.