Many college students ask their parents for advice. Parents of college attendees can be huge influential factors in the student's academic career. It is important to remain positive and supportive during the student's path to graduation. If your son or daughter is a college attendee, you can help them stay on course to graduation by encouraging them with the following tips:

  1. Commit to a major. Your student needs an area of study that fits their unique personality and expertise. Try to find what they are interested in while also keeping in mind what subjects they are strong or weak in.
  2. Use learning resources. Textbooks are expensive, but studies show students who buy textbooks for their courses are generally more successful.
  3. Use advising resources. There are plenty of advisors on campus for nearly every department. You can get help or advice for any area of study. https://www.memphis.edu/advising/findmyadvisor.php
  4. Earn credit for prior learning. Transfer students may be eligible to get credits at UofM for courses taken at other schools. It never hurts to check. It would save the student (and you) time and money.
  5. Continuously enroll. Stress the importance of taking semesters back-to-back until graduation. Also remind the student of the risks involved. Students who take time off of college generally don't return.
  6. Gain practical experience. The University of Memphis may have plenty of job opportunities for your student. As around, or look up open positions on the UofM website.
  7. Encourage your student to be engaged. Taking notes and participating in class will only benefit your student.
  8. Attend class. Skipping class only wastes time, money, and potential. Also, many instructors have an attendance policy. Your student risks a lot when they don't attend class.
  9. Set the student up with campus living. Yes, it is hard for a parent to let their child live on their own. It's a little more difficult to be involved in their life if they are living far away. However, don't immediately rule out campus life as an option. Living on or near campus enables your student to get to class easier and get involved in more activities. Maybe even make some friends.
  10. Earn 30 hours or more a year. Having a full time schedule is tough, but in the end, your student will graduate on time guaranteed if they take 15 hours a semester.