Faculty/Staff Career Fair Information

Promote the Career Fair

We welcome and encourage faculty partnership to bring greater emphasis to student career readiness and preparing them to be successful in life beyond UofM. 

Below are some strategies you may find helpful in promoting the Career Fair.

  • Incorporate Career Fair attendance into course syllabi for extra credit.

  • Create an assignment for students to research participating employers for upcoming career fairs.

  • Bring your class to meet professionals in their desired career field and discuss internship and career opportunities (Business Professional Attire is required and attendance by upper level classes preferred).

  • Invite Career Services to your class to give a brief presentation.

  • Promote the Career Fair through your internal student communication channels (i.e., Social Media, Blogs, eCourseware, etc.). Download Career Fair Flyer.

  • Emphasize the importance of business professional dress standards.

  • If you have partnerships with companies in your field of study, please connect them with Career Services. We'd love to invite them to participate in the Career Fair.