Student Career Fair Information

Fall 2024 All-Majors Career Fair: Wednesday, September 25th

Prepare for the Career Fair

  • Visit the Career Fair Page to register and for more information
  • A professional resume is important to career fair success. A well-developed resume will show recruiters you are serious about your career and internship search.  Get just-in-time resume and other career fair prep tips during drop-in hours!

  • Research, research, research!
    • You likely won't get to visit all the employers at the event. Develop a plan by viewing the list of registered employers first, then prioritize your top 5-10 employers. If you have time remaining, visit other employers. Set a stretch goal to meet new employers.  You never know where opportunity exists. Spend some time researching the company and most recent news about their industry. 
    • List of Employers
  • Make a GREAT first impression!
    • Dress the part and wear business professional attire. It will set you apart.
    • Practice your handshake and 30 sec. intro to use upon approaching recruiters at the fair. 
    • Hi, I'm Tom Tiger, a junior Computer Science student interested in applying my Java programming skills in the packaging industry. Last summer, I interned with a mid-size company working with the CTO on a major software update of their vendor database. I would love to be considered for full-time opportunities at your company. Please tell me more about your recruiting process.

Tips for Career Fair Success

  • Have your UofM Student ID out and ready for easy check-in.
  • Grab a map of employers and locate the organizations you researched earlier.
  • Keep your resumes neat and clean in a professional portfolio.
  • Turn off your phone and do not use it while meeting recruiters.
  • Open the conversation with your elevator pitch and a firm handshake.
  • Offer your resume and request a business card for follow up.
  • Ask recruiters about the online application process as some cannot accept hard copy resumes.
  • Keep an open mind to companies not on your target list. You never know where opportunity may exist.
  • Share your feedback with Career Services. Volunteers will ask you to complete an evaluation upon exiting the fair.
  • After the fair, send follow up emails to recruiters you met. Thank them for attending and express your interest in the organization and positions. This is a great way to stand out!