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What careers and industries can my degree lead to?  What salary can I expect upon graduation? The data in Steppingblocks can help answer these questions.

Steppingblocks is an online career exploration platform. Students, faculty, and staff have access to a 20-question personality assessment, a career path explorer, an institutional outcomes explorer, and a tuition analyzer. You can access Steppingblocks using your University of Memphis Single Sign-On (SSO) information by visiting memphis.steppingblocks.com.

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What is Steppingblocks?

Personality Assessment

Take a trait-based approach to career exploration with 20 easy questions.

Career Path Explorer

Drive the future with a data-driven game plan powered by millions of real professionals.

Institutional Outcomes Explorer

Understand potential with relevant outcomes from actual University of Memphis alumni.

Tuition Analyzer

Calculate payback periods and total college costs by major, state and school.

Resources for Students

Resources for Faculty and Staff