Academic Suspension

Students on probation will be suspended in the following term if their overall combined GPA is below 2.00 AND the term GPA is below 2.00.

Students on academic suspension can apply for readmission only after the following minimum periods:

1. For the first suspension, one regular term (fall or spring).

2. For the second suspension, one calendar year.

After a second suspension, a student may be ineligible for further enrollment at the University of Memphis.

Students on academic suspension who apply for readmission must participate in a counseling interview. Deadlines for readmission after suspension are strictly enforced.

Coursework taken at another accredited college or university will be used in determining eligibility for readmission. Students who left the university on academic suspension must fulfill all previously attempted high school deficiency and remedial and developmental coursework requirements before they will be considered for readmission.

Students readmitted after Academic Suspension must sign a Conditional Enrollment Agreement and follow all requirements established by the Center for Academic Retention and Enrichment Services. Failure to follow these requirements will lead to administrative withdrawal from all classes.