Early Intervention System

University Advisors:

As advisors to students within your department, you serve as an invaluable connection to the university for your students. To facilitate ongoing communication with your student and to provide timely assistance to students in need of help, we have developed the Early Intervention System (EIS). EIS is a computerized wake-up call to students who may need extra help. The system is designed to signal the need for assistance before a student falls too far behind. When an alert is issued on a student that you advise, an email will be automatically generated to:

1) the student,

2) the student's college advisor, and

3) Center for Academic Retention and Enrichment Services.

Your college's central advisor may then forward the email to you or may handle the follow-up with the student themselves.

You are not alone in this process. Via this site, we will provide you with resources and information that can help you assist struggling students before it is too late. We appreciate your assistance in helping our students be successful!

While an email will be forwarded to your advisee, we are asking that you email or call the student if the alert is forwarded to you by your college advisor. Please ask them to set up an appointment with you to discuss the concerns/issues raised by their instructor. These concerns/issues will be noted in the email you receive.

Learn more about the Early Intervention System and how you can help your student get back on track by exploring the Early Intervention Links* in the upper right hand corner of this page.