The College of Communication and Fine Arts is a vibrant epicenter of creativity and research, where faculty and students push the boundaries of their fields and make impactful contributions. Our dynamic programs in music, theatre, film, art, design, dance, journalism, architecture, and communication empower students to embark on successful and fulfilling careers.

At the Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music, our team is pioneering research across genres and techniques, from uncovering the therapeutic benefits of music on mental health to revolutionizing composition and performance with cutting-edge music technology. Our faculty and students are engaged in groundbreaking studies that span classical, contemporary, and experimental music, contributing new insights and innovations that resonate on a global scale.

In the Department of Theatre and Dance, educators and students are breaking new ground in storytelling and expression through innovative movement and performance techniques. They explore new methods to convey powerful narratives and emotions, pushing the limits of traditional theatre and dance. Their work includes original productions, interdisciplinary collaborations, and research into the history and future of performance art.

The Department of Communication and Film investigates the powerful influence of media, from analyzing social media's impact on public discourse to exploring how film shapes cultural narratives. Our faculty and students delve into critical issues such as media ethics, digital communication strategies, and the role of film in reflecting and shaping societal values. Their work not only contributes to academic knowledge but also informs and engages the public in meaningful dialogue.

Across all disciplines, CCFA faculty and students are passionately engaged with the community and tackling real-world issues. We pride ourselves on our strong connections with local and global arts organizations, fostering partnerships that enhance both our academic programs and the cultural vitality of our communities. Through collaborative projects, public performances, exhibitions, and research initiatives, we seek to amplify underrepresented voices and address pressing social challenges.

The College of Communication and Fine Arts is more than an academic institution; it is a thriving community dedicated to creating a positive impact.