Our Services

The CCRE offers social scientific expertise for projects big and small. Whether you need a multi-year program evaluation from start to finish, the execution of a population-level survey, or simply a few hours of friendly expert advice, the CCRE is committed to helping its clients answer questions of interest. We offer a full range of services including the following:

Proposal Development. If your proposal is in the formative stages, our team is ready to help you. Our team is well-versed in the grant-writing process, including the preparation of evaluation plans, needs assessments, performance indicators, literature reviews, program designs, and power analyses.

Research Design. Whether your project warrants a simple pre-test/post-test survey or demands a rigorous, high-quality experimental or quasi-experimental study, we can help design and implement successful research designs that deliver the information you need to know.

Data Science. CCRE's data scientists routinely employ advanced tools such as R to Python to build dashboards and deploy automated data pipelining, computational GIS, and predictive analytics including machine learning.

Data Analytics. The CCRE understands that the objective of most community projects is to have an impact. Our team specializes in extracting value from data gathered from the real world rather than the laboratory. The CCRE is well-versed in implementing a full battery of tools for data wrangling and statistical inference, from t-tests and regressions to advanced econometric models.

Survey Implementation. Our team has years of experience developing and implementing valid, reliable survey instruments to capture measures of interest. We are also well situated to implement rigorous survey designs at population scale via multimodal research designs using mail, internet, phone, or canvassing.

Mixed-Methods Research. Qualitative methods such as focus groups and interviews are critical for determining what questions to ask, and to bring to life findings found in quantitative research.

Data Visualization and Reporting. Reporting data and research findings in a way that is understandable to stakeholders and the community is critical. The CCRE is well-versed in reporting on data in a variety of formats, from white papers and academic journal articles to periodic reporting, as well as through interactive dashboards and maps.

Consulting Services. We are committed to help build the scientific capacity of local community organizations. We offer friendly expert advice and consulting services to complement your in-house staff.