Efforts to Combat COVID-19

As a full-service research center of the University of Memphis, the CCRE is conducting both quantitative and qualitative research to help our community rebound from COVID-19.

We worked with Delta Health Alliance, a Mississippi-based organization focused on improving the health and education in the Mississippi Delta, to determine strategies for communicating culturally sensitive health messages that could help improve vaccination rates in the Mississippi Delta. Pairing quantitative and qualitative research, the CCRE prepared a Disparity Impact Statement for the Mississippi Delta, as well as a Segmentation Analysis for a 92-county service area including Mississippi and West Tennessee. 

If you live in North or Central Mississippi and got your first dose of COVID-19 vaccine on July 1, 2021 or later, you may be eligible to participate in a research study. We are conducting interviews to learn more about what informs people's decisions to get vaccinated. Individuals who complete an interview will be eligible for a $30 gift card. To learn more, click here!

To view CCRE's dashboard of COVID cases in the Mississippi Delta, click here.

To view DHA/CCRE's latest report on COVID vaccinations, click here.

To learn more about Delta Health Alliance's efforts to promote vaccination, click here.

If you received a letter or postcard in the mail inviting you to participate in a study on COVID vaccination, click here.