Grant Opportunities

  • External evaluation services for grant applicants
  • Evaluation planning
  • Identifying key performance indicators

Strategically Using Data

  • Data storage
  • Identifying research opportunities from complex data

Survey Design

  • Development of survey instruments
  • Sampling methodology
  • Implementation of surveys via internet, mail, phone, and canvassing

Data Analysis

  • Statistical consulting
  • Conducting statistical analyses
    • Causal inference (RCTs, regression discontinuity, matching, instrumental variables)
    • Regression and statistical modeling
    • Difference testing (t-tests, ANOVA, chi-squared tests, etc.)

Data Reporting

  • Clear, concise deliverables
  • Fact sheets
  • White papers
  • Academic manuscripts

Data Visualization

  • Clear, understandable tables and graphs
  • Mapping & GIS
  • Dashboards

Qualitative Research

  • Literature reviews
  • Focus groups/interviews
  • Mixed-methods research