Welcome to CHLHC!

We are a consortium of researchers, providers, and community members who are committed to exploring, identifying, and improving health inequities.


Under the direction of Dr. Joy Goldsmith and Dr. Sachiko Terui, Related Faculty, and an Advisory Board, the CHLHC is committed to developing health literacy and health communication interventions, resources, and networks for providers, patients, family caregivers, health systems, and community organizations. The CHLHC tests and pilots interdisciplinary communication interventions, disseminates communication approaches and tools, and researches outcomes associated with health literacy and health communication across health contexts and populations.

Join Our Efforts!

The CHLHC seeks to:

  • Develop and pilot interdisciplinary communication interventions.
  • Disseminate communication approaches and tools.
  • Research outcomes associated with health literacy and health communication.


Current center research topics include:

  • Health Literacy
  • Caregiver Communication
  • Palliative and End of Life Care
  • Provider Trainings
  • mHealth and eHealth
  • HIV/PrEP

More information on CHLHC research projects can be found here.