Computational Optical Sectioning Microscopy Open Source (COSMOS) Software package

The COSM open source (COSMOS) software package is currently under development by the Computational Imaging Research Laboratory (CIRL) led by Dr. Preza. COSMOS has four platform-independent graphical user interfaces (GUIs) developed using a visualization tool kit for PSF generation, intensity estimation, image visualization and performance analysis. The estimation interface currently offers 5 different algorithms for data processing: the Depth Variant Expectation Maximization algorithm [1] , a linear least square algorithm [2] , a linear maximum a posteriori algorithm [3] , the Jansen-van Cittert algorithm [4] , and the Expectation Maximization algorithm [5] . Three out of five algorithms and the PSF generation software were available in the original XCOSM package developed for X-windows in the early 1990s and disseminated by the PI and collaborators [6] . The COSMOS package replaces the XCOSM package and provides new and upgraded capabilities which are detailed in the COSMOS user manual [7] . There are two models by which the PSFs can be generated. The user may choose either the Gibson and Lanni model [8] or the Haeberle model [9] .

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