Lab members


Principal Investigator 

Dr. Kelsey Mankel

Kelsey Mankel, Ph.D.
Curriculum Vita

Dr. Kelsey Mankel leads the Cognitive Neuroscience of Hearing Lab (CNHL) at the University of Memphis. Her research examines how the brain processes complex auditory information, like speech and music, using neuroimaging tools such as EEG and eye-tracking. She studies how experiences like music training, learning, and noise exposure as well as cognitive abilities affect auditory perception and neuroplasticity. Outside of work, Dr. Mankel relaxes through creative activities such as playing music, dancing, and making pottery.

PhD students 

Samar Babaee

Samar Babaee

Samar is highly interested in understanding neural mechanisms involved in auditory processing disorders through multi-channel Electroencephalography and neuroimaging. In addition to working on her research, Samar loves singing, dancing and swimming!

Bingqing Yu

Bingqing Yu (AuD-PhD)

Bingqing previously studied Chinese Historical Linguistics at Zhejiang University. Her research is situated at the intersection of public health, auditory processing, and aging.

AuD students 

Jill Dodson

Jill Dodson

Jill is completing her capstone research project with Lauren Arnold in the CNHL where they are continuing research into Cheech evoked neural responses in conjunction with behavioral audiometric speech testing. Specifically, they are evaluating an efficient, speech-based neurodiagnostic test for use with young and middle aged adults. Additionally, Jill has a Roborovski dwarf hamster named Kiwi.

Lauren Arnold

Lauren Arnold

Lauren is working with Jill studying Cheech-evoked neural responses in conjunction with behavioral audiometric speech testing. Their project focuses on developing an effective neurodiagnostic screener in young and middle aged adults. Prior to the University of Memphis, Lauren studied abroad in South Africa and has survived bungee jumping.

Mira Milman

Mira Milman (AuD-MPH)

Mira is assisting with a project looking at current use and practices in audiology with electrophysiological tests in the US. She is interested in the connection between audiology and public health.

Amy Cox

Amy Cox (AuD-MPH)

As one of our lab research assistants, Amy is helping to analyze EEG data collected using Cheech stimuli. In her free time, Amy loves to crochet, especially stuffed animals.


Lee M. Miller, PhD

Lee M. Miller, PhD, University of California, Davis

Doron Sagiv, MD

Doron Sagiv, MD, University of California, Davis

Daniel Comstock, PhD

Daniel Comstock, PhD, University of California, Davis

Caitlin Price, AuD, PhD

Caitlin Price, AuD, PhD, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences


May Chao: AuD extern at Seattle Children's Hospital 

Alise Holloway: AuD extern at ENT Associates of East Texas / SoundLogic 

Allie Austin: AuD extern at Blue Wave Hearing Centers