College of Professional & Liberal Studies Internships 

The College of Professional & Liberal Studies offers internship opportunities for each of its students to provide learning experiences and coursework related to your area of study. A successful internship provides you an effective learning experience under the supervision of a faculty member (your academic internship instructor) and an employer in the community (field supervisor). Consult with your academic advisor regarding internship possibilities.

Students will commit to supervised training in work related to their educational objectives. All work should be completed in one semester.

Credit-Hours and Work

» 50 clock hours of work experience = 1 hour of college credit.
» 150 clock hours of work experience = 3 hours of college credit.
» 300 clock hours of work experience = 6 hours of college credit.

Once a position has been secured, a course permit must be obtained prior to start of internship. All documents must be completed and submitted by posted deadlines. Review the following concentrations and submit a UNIV 4110 – Internship permit request that matches your degree.

Note: All Merchandising students will request an internship from the ART department. Your advisor will subsitute the ART internship for the UNIV internship course in your program of study.