Bachelor of Science in Commercial Aviation

The College of Professional & Liberal Studies is proud to offer a Bachelor of Science in Commercial Aviation.

The B.S. in Commercial Aviation produces quality aviators through rich learning experiences guided by professionally engaged faculty. This program will prepare students for employment as airline pilots, or in a variety of aviation-related careers, such as corporate aviation, general aviation, aviation-related business, airport operations, and governmental regulation of aviation.

WMC Action News 5 - New Memphis degree program to help fill airline pilot shortage


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Degree Requirements

Students enrolled in Commercial Aviation will complete a 120 hour degree with a curriculum focused on management and business operations courses, and professional aviation instruction provided by Crew Training International (CTI) Professional Flight Training in Millington, TN.

Students enrolled in the program must obtain a valid First Class A FAA Aviation Medical Certificate conducted by an FAA medical examiner, no later than completion of their first flight. This certificate is valid for up to 5 years and requires an exam fee. Students will also be required to complete a TSA background check.

Requirements for this program include general education, a coordinated study, thematic studies, and general electives. Students should seek guidance from their advisor every semester and follow the assigned degree plan. A minor may be pursued with this degree through the submission of a completed minor application. Approval must be granted from the graduation analyst of the minor they are seeking as well as the College of Professional and Liberal Studies graduation analyst. 

Thematic Studies

All College of Professional and Liberal Studies students must complete 6 credit hours of thematic studies courses. These courses are designed to broaden a student's knowledge of significant AVIA themes.

AVIA 4550 - Aviation Law & Regulation Credit Hours: (3)
AVIA 4560 - Aviation Physiology & Survival Credit Hours: (3) 

Fees and Scholarships

Students are encouraged to regularly review fee charts, deadlines and other important details as they are subject to change. All fees associated with the aviation program are considered non-refundable. However, if you feel you have a justifiable circumstance for a refund, please complete our financial appeal form and provide appropriate documentation. Review of the appeal may take up to ten days.

Financial Appeal form for Commercial Aviation program fees

The University Aviation Association offers a variety of scholarships for students meeting the stated requirements. Students may review details and apply for scholarships under Resources on the UAA homepage

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File for Graduation

Undergraduate students who are within two semesters of graduation should review the required process to file for graduation. All parts must be completed by the posted deadline. 

Career Development

Students interested in learning more about career options in Commercial Aviation should review information and set an appointment to meet with a Career Specialist in our Career Services Office.

Local and National Organizations

University Aviation Association
Sisters of the Skies
Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals
Women in Aviation International
The Ninety-Nines, Inc.
National Business Aviation Association