Who We Serve

At the Crews Center, we primarily serve four types of students:

  • Students that want to acquire an entrepreneurial mindset in order to be more competitive in the job market
  • Students that are curious about entrepreneurship and want to learn more about it at their own pace, but don't necessarily want to start a company just yet
  • Students that are new to entrepreneurship and know they want to start a company or nonprofit either during or immediately after college
  • Students that already have a side (or main) hustle and want help growing their business

If these don't describe you, that's okay! We serve a LOT of students from a lot of different walks of life; these are just the most common. Come talk to us about an entrepreneurial path customized to your wants, needs, and personal goals!

How We Do It

The Crews Center provides an inclusive space for collaboration with a community of like-minded entrepreneurial students with whom you can meet, hang out, and work. We stress inclusion and mean it. We have no tolerance for elitism, discrimination, racism, or any other form of intolerance based on gender, ethnicity, age, sexual identity or socioeconomic status. Think this is just talk? We challenge you to come in and experience the Crews culture for yourself!

We also provide programs, facilities and educational options designed to help you learn more about entrepreneurship and "get your hands dirty" while starting your own business or social impact-oriented venture. 

Explore our education and training options, programs, community and facilities using the menu to the left, or book a meeting to learn more in-person!