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The Crews Center for Entrepreneurship makes entrepreneurship accessible to EVERYONE. Entrepreneurs are not “born,” they are made. At the Crews Center, any student of any major can receive education, training, support, mentorship and technical assistance at any stage of entrepreneurship whether it is simply acquiring an entrepreneurial growth mindset or launching the next fortune 5000 company. 


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The Crews Culture

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We believe that entrepreneurs are made, not born, and that anyone, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation/identity, age or socioeconomic class, can become a successful entrepreneur.

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An entrepreneurial mindset contains many elements of a growth mindset; an “I can do anything I set my mind to” worldview that spurs innovation and creativity in all that we do. 

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We believe in being our authentic selves in everything we say and do. Status quo and conformity-centered thinking are often obstacles to innovation and entrepreneurship. You be you, and we will help you along your entrepreneurial journey while respecting and accepting you for who you choose to be.

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Entrepreneurship can be an overwhelming and intimidating endeavor, but it does not have to be. We make entrepreneurship accessible to all who have the ambition, work ethic and desire to be successful.

ImagineU Summer Accelerator Program

ImagineU is a unique, immersive and intensive 12-week entrepreneurial experience in which students learn and live the early-stages of their entrepreneurship journey. In order to make the experience accessible to all, the program pays participating students a $3,000 stipend.

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Learning how to be an entrepreneur can be overwhelming. Here are some resources and opportunities to help give you guidance and direction.

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