The Crews Center exists to inspire, educate, develop and support both aspiring and active student entrepreneurs as they pursue their dreams. While we don't believe that all students should necessarily BE entrepreneurs, we fervently believe that every student benefits from exercising an entrepreneurial mindset, which is a key element of the 21st century skill set. Because of this, the Crews Center is a resource that is open and available to students of all disciplines and majors across the University of Memphis. Whether you just want to give yourself a competitive advantage with employers by learning the entrepreneurial mindset or you want to start or grow your own business, the Crews Center for Entrepreneurship is here to help you achieve your professional goals and dreams.


We believe that EVERY student should graduate from the University of Memphis with an entrepreneurial mindset, irrespective of whether or not they intend to become an entrepreneur. 

Opportunities for Students

So, you're probably thinking, "That's nice and all, but what do you actually DO? What can I expect from the Crews Center? How do I get started?"

Those are great questions! In a nutshell, we provide experiential education opportunities that allow you to actually "do" entrepreneurship. You can learn about entrepreneurship in the classroom, but you really have to do entrepreneurship in order to learn how to be an entrepreneur. There is neither one path nor one set of experiences or methods or actions that you can take to ensure success. Entrepreneurship is a wide, multi-disciplinary field with nearly endless possibilities for which you could try to prepare. What we offer you, in a nutshell, is the following:

  • How to THINK like an entrepreneur
  • Methods and skills for coming up with ideas and solutions that can be adapted to most industries or fields of study
  • Direct mentoring and support: Brutal honesty (which you'll find in ample supply in the "real" world) coupled with unconditional positive support (which is a little harder to come by).
  • Connections with the local and regional entrepreneurial support ecosystems.


These are the things that you can do NOW, while you are a student, to set yourself up for success. Whether you envision yourself as an innovator in a corporate environment or a self-employed entrepreneur in your own business or nonprofit venture.

How Do I Get Started?

Another great question! It's really very simple:

1st Step  Explore our website to learn more

2nd Step  Come visit Crews to get started

Hear what others have experienced:


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