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The West Tennessee STEM Hub is a project funded by a Tennessee Race to the Top grant which impacts 36 Local Educational Agency partnerships in 21 counties, including urban, suburban, and rural districts with nearly 17,000 teachers and approximately 240,000 students. The diverse geographic and demographic settings offer the ability to assess the effectiveness of different STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) teaching and learning strategies for the West TN region.  Principal Investigator:  Dr. Stephanie Ivey, (ssalyers@memphis.edu).


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The West Tennessee STEM Collaboratory unites K-12, institutes of higher education (IHE), and STEM industry partners in an unprecedented approach to transforming STEM education and workforce opportunities throughout the region. The vision will be achieved through the establishment of a West Tennessee STEM Hub and STEM Platform School that will facilitate regional knowledge-sharing, research, and productive partnerships for supporting K-12 students and teachers in STEM.

West Tennessee STEM Hub

The West TN STEM Hub will serve as a resource for West Tennessee to increase students' interest in and preparedness for the STEM workforce through a variety of activities. Collaborative partnerships between STEM Hub, Platform School, and STEM community (K-16 faculty, industry, government) professionals will be the cornerstone of this effort.


  • To support the successful operation of the STEM Platform School (Southwind High School), and facilitate dissemination of best practices across West Tennessee
  • To assemble and facilitate utilization of curricula aligned with state and common core standards that effectively engage West Tennessee K-12 students in STEM learning
  • To create a sustainable culture of sharing and collaboration in the local, regional and state STEM community through the establishment of productive partnerships among K-12 and IHE STEM faculty, business/industry representatives, and community organizations

Key Hub Activities:

  • Provide professional development for West Tennessee STEM teachers
  • Create a West Tennessee STEM Master Teacher Corps
  • Develop integrated online STEM curriculum for core courses in grades 9-12 to support rural partners
  • Establish an annual STEM Challenge Summit, engaging K-12 and IHE faculty with STEM professionals to collaboratively identify real-world problems for classroom investigation
  • Connect community/industry partners to K-12 for 21st century workforce development
  • Identify and disseminate STEM resources and best practices
  • Establish an annual Innovations in K-20 STEM Education conference

Active regional partnerships will ensure our success and sustainability. Join us as we collaborate to advance West Tennessee students' STEM preparedness, interest, and transition to the STEM workforce!

For more information, contact cristal@memphis.edu.


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