Welcome to Critical Conversations

Welcome to the Critical Conversations website! Here you will find information about the series, specific events, and the people involved in this wonderful program. Please use the menu above to find out about our events, the faculty involved, and other information about this series.

The goal of the University of Memphis-wide initiative, Critical Conversations, is to use our collective scholarship to sustain and facilitate a democratic and civil society that values diversity, civil rights, human rights, and nonviolent movements and initiatives.

Critical Conversations is an initiative of the University of Memphis led by the Office of the Provost and the Benjamin L. Hooks Institute for Social Change.

Let's Talk: A Critical Conversations Initiative

What is Let's Talk?

When social incidents arise that disrupt or challenge the learning environment at UM, Let's Talk offers a way for any UM student, faculty, or staff to request university involvement and support. When you submit a request, the Let's Talk team evaluates your request and determines a timely, fitting response. Let's Talk: A Critical Conversations Initiative