What to Expect in a CWC Consultation

  • If you schedule an appointment, those last up to 45-minutes. Walk-in appointments are capped at 30-minutes.
  • You meet one-on-one with a trained consultant. If you want to work on a group project, make sure every member of your group is present.
  • Consultations are interactive, which means we ask you a lot of questions and use conversation to identify ways to develop and improve your work.
  • Be prepared to take notes and mark up your work.
  • Your consultant will not discuss grades or any type of instructor evaluation.

How to Prepare for a CWC Consultation

  • Be sure to bring at least one copy of whatever it is you are working on. If you are working on a speech, bring whatever notes or outlines you have developed.
  • Make sure to also bring the assignment sheet and/or course syllabus. This will help your consultant better understand the context for your work.
  • Come with a set of questions, concerns, or goals that you can talk with your consultant about. Together you will prioritize what needs work and how best to use your time in the session.

For assistance locating resources and conducting research, contact the library at the Ask-A-Librarian page or you can set up a Research Appointment.