Frequently Asked Questions

Who can come to the CWC? If you are a UofM student, you can use the CWC.

Who can come to the CWC?
If you are a UofM student, you can use the CWC.

Will my professor or instructor know that I visited the CWC?
You will be given the option of having an email sent to your professor or instructor that confirms you visited the CWC.

Is there a cap on many times can I visit the CWC?
There is no official limit or "cap" on how many times you can visit. In fact, we encourage students to take full advantage of the CWC by requesting feedback on their work throughout the process of its development. Depending on how busy the CWC gets during midterm and finals week, we might limit sessions to 30 minutes and/or restrict the number of appointments you can sign up for those periods.

What if I just want someone to proofread my papers?
The CWC staff is happy to assist you at any stage of the process, even if all you want is a reader to review a final draft. Furthermore our sessions are interactive, which means we won't simply tell you what to "fix" in your drafts. With that said, what we will do is offer feedback and help you develop editing strategies for proofreading your own papers.

Do I have to have a draft of something in order to visit the CWC?
No. We can help you brainstorm ideas and begin drafting an outline for whatever it is you are starting to compose, whether it is a paper, a speech, or something else.

I'm afraid of public speaking. Can the CWC help?
Absolutely. We can help you develop strategies for delivering your speech, and we also have a speaking studio where you can practice.

Can I bring something I'm working on that's not a school assignment?
Yes. If you are writing a statement of purpose for a graduate school application, developing a resume, writing a cover letter, drafting a letter to the editor, or working on any other type of composition, our consultants will be happy to offer you feedback.

How can I become a CWC consultant?
If you are interested in becoming a CWC consultant, send an email to cwc@memphis.edu.

My question isn't here!
Don't worry! Send us an email at CWC@memphis.edu.