How to Make an Online Appointment

  1. Book an Appointment
  2. Click on the Upswing homepage, which will redirect you to the MyCampus login system.
  3. Meet a tutor.
  4. Search for "Center for Writing and Communication".
  5. The list of tutors who appear are all employed by the CWC. You may explore their schedules to decide which consultant best meets your needs.
  6. When you find an appointment that meets your needs, fill out the form and hit schedule to reserve it.
  7. You have successfully made an appointment!
  8. When it is time for your appointment to begin, you will need to login to Upswing again and go to the “Tutoring” tab listed on the lefthand side of the homepage.
  9. Your appointment will appear under the Upcoming Sessions box, where you will click the green Go to room button to open the virtual room for your appointment. From there, your CWC consultant can assist you in uploading your document to the whiteboard for review.
  10. Make sure to download your document again before you leave your virtual room so that you can save your consultant's feedback.
  11. If you have any questions or problems, call us at (901) 678-1694 or email cwc@memphis.edu.