To Schedule a Session

The Center for Writing and Communication (CWC) will be migrating all of its on-the-ground operations to the University of Memphis's (UofM) academic support services online platform, Upswing, for the remainder of the semester. CWC online consultants will continue to be available during spring break and the week of March 16, though there will be limited availability because only CWC online consultants will be available. Beginning the week of March 23, all CWC consultants will have migrated to the Upswing platform. 

To make an online consultation appointment, click on the online consultation link below. You will need your UofM credentials in order to do so. Once on the Upswing page, enter "writing" into the search bar. This should populate CWC consultants first, followed by non-UofM Upswing consultants. We suggest working with CWC consultants whenever possible, though Upswing consultants are available if you cannot find a CWC consultant available at your desired appointment time. 

All questions or concerns can be directed to the CWC Director, Dr. Scott Sundvall, at ssndvall@memphis.edu. 

Online Consultation

Click here to schedule an Online Consultation.
(For writing consultations, select "Meet with a tutor" and type "Writing" in the  subject search bar.)