Discover Your Future in Data Science

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Big data has revolutionized the way organizations make strategic decisions. Companies, non-profits and government agencies expect their employees to be able to analyze data and effectively communicate their findings for decision making. As a result, workforce demand for individuals with science data skills is booming.

In response to the growing demand for data-savvy professionals, the University of Memphis is offering a new, STEM-designated MS in Data Science. Throughout this program, students will learn how to use advanced computational and statistical methods and tools to collect, store, retrieve, manipulate, interpret and visualize data. Importantly, these methods and tools will be offered in the context of particular high-demand business and scientific disciplines, so graduates have the understanding and acumen to translate their findings into actions.

Data Science is one of the most highly sought-after and versatile degrees available. Graduates will be prepared to pursue careers in a wide range of organizations in business, government, biomedical, education, engineering and applied sciences.

*Ratings and Data from glassdoor.com

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