Welcome to the Dynamics and Controls Lab (DCL) at the University of Memphis, where pioneering research intersects with innovative engineering to explore the vast realms of nonlinear phenomena. Our team is dedicated to exploring the depths of complex systems, from the stochastic dynamics of noise-influenced environments to the revolutionary designs of metastructures and origami engineering. At the heart of our research is a commitment to exploring the unseen, harnessing chaos, and predicting the unpredictable. We are pioneers in applying analytical, computational, and experimental approaches to a diverse range of cutting-edge topics, including nonlinear and stochastic dynamics, vibrations and control, robotics, and the intriguing mechanics of cochlear systems. Our work doesn't just push the envelope in understanding; it aims to create practical, innovative solutions that can be applied across various engineering domains.

Join us on this thrilling journey as we delve into the dynamics of noise to find constructive uses, design neural machines for predicting chaos, and explore origami structures for engineering applications beyond imagination.