Frequently Asked Questions

Will the donations I made during 2018 continue into 2019?
Yes, donations pledged for calendar year 2018 will automatically continue into the new year. Each year you are given an opportunity to change your contributions by  login into the pledge form and make any additions, changes or cancellations.  If you have questions, contact Human Resources.

How do I get a receipt for my donation?
The online giving form has a print option before you submit, also an e-mail confirmation will be sent to your university e-mail address.

I'm having trouble reading the brochure because the text is too small. How can I make the text bigger?
While viewing the brochure, right-click your mouse on any part of the text. This will display a menu. Select "Marquee Zoom" from this menu, then left click your mouse on the brochure. Each time you click, the brochure will get larger and more readable. Press the "Esc" key when the text is as large as you need it to be.

Do I have to put my social security number on the pledge form?
No.  We don't want social security numbers on the pledge forms.  There is a field for social security number, but put your "M" number there instead.

Do I have to fill out the pledge form online?
Online forms are preferred. If you would rather complete a paper form, contact Human Resources.

Can I make a one-time payroll deduction?
Yes, you have the option on the donor form to give a one time gift that will be deducted on your January 2019 payroll check.

Can I just send a check made out to my chosen charity?
Yes, donations can be made with a personal check made payable to the charity of your choice. If you're writing a check, make sure to indicate on the pledge form that you want an acknowledgement from the charity because that's the only receipt you'll have for your donation.

Can I give using credit card or direct billing?
It is not possible to offer credit card processing. Donations must be made via payroll deduction or by a personal check.

Do I have to spread my monthly deductions over the entire year, or can I just specify the number of months for the deduction to be made?
Yes, deductions have to be spread over the 12-month period. However, you have the option of doing a one-time donation in the month of January.

What if I want to be acknowledged by the organization to which I'm donating?
You will be acknowledged by indicating that desire on the bottom of the donor form and by including your name and mailing address.

Why must I designate my pledge?
Because there is more than one agency receiving funds from the Charitable Campaign, you need to indicate which organization(s) should receive your pledge. You may choose from one of the groups of charities, e.g. Community Shares, or you may specify individual charities within any of the larger charitable groups, such as Community Health Charities.

Can I contribute to a charity that does not appear on any of the lists in the donor form?
No, the ones listed are the charities that have been included in this year's statewide charitable giving campaign. If your favorite group is not listed, perhaps you can find another one that performs a similar role.

Do I have to make a donation in order to be eligible for the prize drawings?
No. Prizes will be drawn during the kick-off meeting.  All you need to do is come by pickup a ticket and stay for the drawing.

Why are some of the agencies that I donated to last year not on this year's list?
Only those agencies which have a current 501C-3 status as a non-profit organization from the state are included on the lists of charitable organizations available this year. This means that some agencies which have been chosen in the past for donations are not available for donations in this year's campaign. Those who still want to support such agencies may make a general donation to the United Way through payroll deduction and can be assured that part of their donation will go to these desired agencies.  Or, if you want to make sure your entire donation reaches the desired agency, you can contact the United Way at 901-433-3300 to find out about making your donation directly to the organization outside of the university campaign process.

What if I have additional questions?
If you have any questions not addressed in this list, please direct those questions to Human Resources.