Vision & Guiding Principles

Vision Statement

We envision a future where our administrative capabilities are a model of efficiency and effectiveness, achieving a standard of operational excellence that sets us apart. Our commitment to best practices and innovation for strategic impact will reshape our operations to support and strengthen our academic community and research enterprise.

Guiding Principles


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Effective & Efficient

The Project Team will ...

  • Strive for efficiency without losing sight of designing an effective solution
  • Implement automation and workflows
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Best Practices & Standardization

The Project Team will ...

  • Embrace benefits of technology
  • Standard processes
  • Fewer customizations
  • Create procedures and reduce exceptions

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Collaboration & Team Support

The Project Team will...

  • Work closely with stakeholders, support one another recognizing each other’s skills and knowledge
  • Acknowledge the increased workload of team members, recognize the effort and show appreciation
  • Practice responsiveness

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Data & Transparency

The Project Team will ...

  • Enable high-quality analytical output
  • Focus on producing reports that allow us to make strategic decisions that support the mission of our university
  • Standardization of data definitions
  • De-silo data, increase transparency and access to real time data
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Process Adoption

The Project Team will ...

  • Champion the change across the campus community
  • Provide robust training for all users and support users in taking the time to train
  • Empower all users to understand their roles and responsibilities in the future state
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On Time & On Budget

The Project Team will ...

  • Create and execute a robust plan
  • Reassess frequently to ensure staying on target