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Cadence software at The University of Memphis through Cadence University Program

This webpage is only Cadence-information related. Cadence software tools are available at the Herff College of Engineering, the University of Memphis, since 2012. Currently, following teaching and research activities are using the tools.

Graduate Course:

EECE 7234 / 8234 VLSI Design : This course teaches Custom IC design (uses Cadence Virtuoso).

Graduate/Undergraduate Course:

EECE 4712 / 6712 Embedded Systems : This course teaches Embedded System design (uses Cadence Allegro).

Undergraduate Courses:

Available for use in Electrical and Computer Engineering Department:
EECE 2201 Circuit Analysis I
EECE 2203 Circuit Analysis II
EECE 4279 Professional Development
EECE 4280 Senior Design

Available for use in Engineering Technology Department:
TECH 1811, 2822, 2821, 2831, 3232, 3233, 3811, 3812, 3821, 4234, 4821, 4943, 4945

Research Project Usage:

All research projects at ESARP Lab directed by Dr. Morshed, EECE
Some research projects under Dr. Curry, BME

Technical Personnel:

Dr. Bashir Morshed (bmorshed)
Mr. Daniel Kohn (dekohn)
Dr. Alfredo Ramirez (ajramirz)

If you are interested to use the software within the campus for your course as an instructor or as a student, please contact Dr. Morshed (Electrical & Computer Engineering) or Mr. Kohn (Engineering Technology).

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Last updated: Dec. 15, 2015

Maintained by: Dr. Bashir Morshed (bmorshed at memphis dot edu)