Educational Support Program

Turn your :( face into a :) face

For many students, college is a whole new world when it comes to studying and rigor. The Educational Support Program (ESP) offers a variety of services to get you on track. At our Learning Centers and through Supplemental Instruction (SI), we can talk about the difficulties you are facing and ways to improve—like tutoring in a specific course, study habit strategies, time management allocation, and conquering test anxieties. We offer Individual and group tutoring, experienced tutors, and weekly workshops. Free services are available to all current UofM graduate and undergraduate students.

Mission Statement

Tutoring@ESP enhances student learning through engagement and involvement outside the classroom, supplements classroom instruction, and promotes student academic achievement and success to increase retention and graduation.


  • ESP will be moving to a modified operational status beginning January 22, with online tutoring and online services via the Virtual Learning Center in effect until at least January 26.
  • Contact esp@memphis.edu or 901-678-2704 for update. 

We hope to see you soon about any of the following:

ESP staff is certified to serve our student veterans.