ESP Supplemental Instruction (SI)

SI is a series of weekly review sessions for students who are taking a difficult course. Students benefit greatly from the time spent with Supplemental Instruction. Research shows that students who take advantage of services like Supplemental Instruction, six or more times, experience a significantly higher positive impact on their grades than students who utilized the services fewer than six times or did not use the services at all.

WHO should attend?
Students who want to improve their understanding of the course material, and/or want to develop strategies for learning the course concepts and self-test their understanding of the concepts.

WHO leads the sessions?
SI Leaders have completed the course successfully. SI Leaders know the course content. SI Leaders read all the material, prepare to lead the study session, and provide study strategies appropriate for the course material. Your SI Leader will help you to learn how to think about the content of the lectures.

WHEN will the SI sessions be offered?
Surveys will be given during the first week. SI surveys, distributed during the first week of class, will list a variety of times when SI sessions can be available. SI study session schedules will then be provided in class. SI study sessions will start the second week of classes.

WHERE will the SI sessions meet?
SI study sessions will meet in the building where your class meets.

WHAT do I need to do?
Be enrolled in the selected course section. Attend study sessions every week. Bring your text. Bring your notes. And bring your questions. Attending the SI study sessions has proven to be an effective use of study time.

If you any questions or just the need for additional information, please send an email to supplementalinstruction@memphis.edu. ESP services are available to all UofM students who are taking the course for which they are requesting help at the time of their request.