Module 1 - The Engaged Scholar

University of Memphis Strategic Plan: Defining Our Future

An understanding of the University's commitment to engaged scholarship is found in its Strategic Plan. Below are excerpts from the Strategic Plan that call forth the important role the University has in developing knowledge for implementation in our city and local communities. It is what defines us as urban-serving and calls us to make a difference by who we are, where we are.


The University of Memphis will be recognized as one of America's great metropolitan research universities, noted for its comprehensive, innovative academic programs and for capitalizing on its urban setting and region to address the challenges of our global society.


The University of Memphis is a learner-centered metropolitan research university providing high quality educational experiences while pursuing new knowledge through research, artistic expression, and interdisciplinary and engaged scholarship.


The University of Memphis, as an engaged learning community, celebrates:

  • The pursuit of excellence in teaching and research as the highest measures of successful achievement.
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration, artistic expression, and research as vehicles for leveraging our resources, solving problems, and multiplying our accomplishments.
  • The transfer and dissemination of knowledge with community stakeholders for the intellectual, economic, and social advancement of our community. Innovation and creativity in everything we do.
  • Respect for diversity and individual worth.
  • Integrity and transparency in all our actions.
  • Responsible stewardship and conservation of resources.
  • Stewardship of wisdom, knowledge, and information created by our predecessors.
  • Leadership and involvement in the economic, social, and professional growth of Memphis, the state of Tennessee, and the nation.


Student Project

I volunteered for the election committee. It was a new experience. It helped the community to become more involved with the voting process and it opened my eyes to how the whole process is carried out.

- UofM Student


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