Department Mission, Vision & Core Values


"The Department of Engineering Technology prepares qualified professionals for technical leadership positions in industry, business, government and education. The department further seeks to deliver these educational programs via traditional and non-traditional modes of instruction. The department also pursues applications oriented research and service to the individuals, businesses, industries, and the engineering profession of the Mid-South region."


The Department of Engineering Technology will be the regional leader in the Mid-South for student-centered technological education. The department will be known for its accomplishments of excellence in teaching, applied research, and service in the Mid-South. The department will become the premier Mid-South supplier of technically proficient graduates that will be actively recruited and placed in positions of leadership by industry.

Core Values

The stated values of the Department of Engineering Technology strongly support the mission of the University and College. In addition to the University and College values the Department of Engineering Technology values are:

  • Teaching and learning is a shared responsibility between faculty and students.
  • Enhancing student learning through innovative instructional methods.
  • Providing students with the tools to become life-long learners.
  • Encouraging students to become productive, participating citizens.
  • Providing an atmosphere where faculty committed to learning, discovery and engagement are free to investigate, apply and transfer knowledge.
  • Creating partnerships within the school and University, as well as with business and industry, to benefit student learning and technology transfer.
  • Providing modern laboratories where students, faculty, and University staff, as well as business and industry personnel, can enhance their understanding of technology.
  • Recognize an obligation to provide the appropriate environment to accommodate diversity of opinions, experience, opportunities and interpersonal relations.
  • Pursue excellence in every activity.

The primary constituencies of the Department of Engineering Technology are the students, current and future employers of the students, and the faculty. Hence, the mission, vision, objectives, and outcomes are aimed at serving these three constituencies.