Procedure for Registering for Classes

  1. Students receive notification of the beginning date for registration for the fall, spring and summer semesters via a postcard mailed to their home, and a message to their University email account. The specific date for each semester is posted on the Registrar's website specified below.


  2. Students are expected to make an appointment to see their advisor one or two weeks prior to the start of registration. If they are unsure who their advisor is, they should contact the BSET program coordinator Mr. Banning 678-5377 tbanning@memphis.edu

  3. Students may elect to be advised by email rather than face to face. Advising is not typically done over the phone.

  4. At the advising session the student's degree posting sheet is updated. Their transcript will be reviewed to make sure they have the proper major declared. If not, a request for a change of major will be sent to Ms. Loe. Their progress toward completing their degree may be discussed along with their preference for day classes or night classes. The pattern of course offerings between day and night may be explained. The advisor provides the student with a list of courses they recommend the student register for. If necessary the advisor explains associated prerequisites. If necessary s/he enters a permit if the prerequisite course has been transferred. The session ends with the advisor clearing the student for registration in MyMemphis.

  5. The advising session runs more smoothly if the student comes prepared with a list of courses s/he would like to take and knowing their university identification number.

  6. If a student is unsuccessful in registering for a course because it is full, s/he should contact the instructor of record to ask for a permit to a closed section. The request will be denied if the course is limited by the number of desks in the room and a larger room can not be secured, or if the laboratory is limited by the number of workstations. If the student is unable to contact the instructor of record, s/he may contact the department chair.

  7. Students may add or delete courses from their schedule using MyMemphis through the fourth day of classes without additional fees or a "W" on their transcript. Students delaying registration until the first day of class will be assigned a late fee per the registrar's office. Students who have not paid their fees by the end of the second week of classes will be purged and not allowed to attend classes. Purged students may apply for reinstatement once their account is current.