Alternative (Private) Loans

Alternative (private) loans are for students (and their parents) who are not eligible for other types of financial aid or who need additional funds to meet educational expenses.  All eligible students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine federal student grant and loan eligibility.  Federal Direct Loans (subsidized and unsubsidized) almost always offer lower borrowing cost and more favorable terms tailored to students and their families.

        (1) Most alternative loans require a credit check.
        (2) Being denied for a loan can negatively affect your credit score.
        (3) Your chances of approval are greatly enhanced with a co-borrower.

Alternative Loan Sources:**
        Advantage Education Loans: (800) 988-6333
        Citizens: (800) 721-3969
        College Ave: (844) 422-7502
        First South/Student Choice: (800) 872-3728
        Nelnet Bank: (800) 446-4190
        PNC Solution Loan: (800) 762-1001
        Regions: (800) 858-7822
        Sallie Mae Student Loans: (800) 695-3317
        SoFi Private Student Loans: (855) 456-7634          
Alternate Loan Sources for Bar Study and/or Bar Exam Loans (LAW):**
        Citizens: (800) 721-3969 (Temporarily unavailable per lender)
        College Ave: (844) 422-7502
        Sallie Mae Bar Study Loan: (800) 984-0190
Private Loan Consolidation:
        Citizens: (888) 333-0179
        College Ave: (844) 422-7502
        Nelnet Bank: (800) 446-4190
        SoFi: (855) 456-7634

**NOTE: Our office does not endorse any particular program. This information is provided for your convenience only and is subject to change without notice. You should request current information directly from the lender or company offering the program.