We're excited to announce a new class, Introduction to Agriculture Studies (BIOL 1009) being offered on MW from 9:10-10:30 a.m., this fall. There are no prerequisties for this class.

BIOL 1009 class flyer

Minor in Agriculture Studies

This is an interdisciplinary minor to prepare students to pursue professional STEM careers in the agricultural industry.


  • 15 credit hours (9 upper divison)
  • 6 credit hours with agriculutreal science concentration
  • 3 credits within humanity/societal concentration
  • 3 credits within the policy/management concentration

For more details, contact Dr. Dhawn Brown (spbrown2@memphis.edu) or Dr. Jennifer Mandel (jmandel@memphis.edu) or Dr. Ron Serino (rserino@memphis.edu). 


Man working in garden



  1. Look for our new Interdisciplinary Minor in Agricultural Studies.
  2. Produce a skilled and diverse workforce in the food and agriculture industry - including in leadership positions – through new educational programming.
  3. Expand career opportunities for students and professionals through continuing education and certificate programs in relevant fields of conservation, sustainability, and agribusiness.