Girls Experiencing Engineering

The primary goal of the GEE Program is to increase the number of girls pursuing careers in STEM fields by offering female middle school and high school students an opportunity to increase their awareness and interest levels regarding existing and potential opportunities in the fields of mathematics, science, and engineering. Students have the opportunity to participate in general engineering sessions as well as focus sessions (discipline specific), with program material rotating each summer to accommodate repeat participants. Secondarily, the program seeks to create a broader impact by providing high school and middle school science and math teachers with new pedagogical methods and tools for use in their classrooms through online resources and training workshops and by providing high school girls with leadership training and practice opportunities through peer mentoring. Finally, the program includes a goal of broadening knowledge of participants' parents about career opportunities in engineering through parent orientation sessions.

Since program inception in 2004, GEE has involved over 1500 middle school high school girls, along with nearly 750 teachers and more than 300 high school and college mentors.

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GEE Weeks in Detail

Week 1: An in-depth look into engineering and leadership for high school girls. Activities will mimic real world problems that are faced in the field. Girls will also explore different career options and meet professionals in the field. Girls will learn from leaders in the local industry, and will participate in a leadership workshop.

Week 2: A broad introduction to basic engineering concepts for girls who have completed the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Girls will compete in a team setting, polish presentation skills, and meet professionals with different engineering backgrounds. Girls will also be able to get advice from the Herff College of Engineering adviser and college mentors.